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You may or may not know but the UK Top 40 now contains album tracks and streaming (as in the things you have merely listened to!)

A few weeks ago, the UK Top 40 (as in, the list of songs counted down on a Sunday afternoon) contained about nine Ed Sheeran songs! Not only was his new album ‘X’ at No. 1 in the album charts, but the sales of individual album tracks had found their way into the good old Top 40.

Ed Sheeran

To say, Ed Sheeran is hot right now would be an understatement! But what is all the fuss about? And, more importantly, will the NonBeige.Com audience enjoy his album?

I would have to say ‘yes’ and here are the reasons why:

First and foremost, this guy is a good singer and a good songwriter. As yet, there is nothing on ‘X’ that leaps out at me as a truly great song. Such things are hard to write and do not come along very often.

The first official single from the album ‘Sing’ went to No. 1 recently, so I expect a lot of people feel that is a truly great song but, for me, there’s nothing on there as good as George Ezra’s ‘Budapest’ (definitely worth 99p of your money!)

Nevertheless, ‘X’ is solid throughout and well worth investigating.

23-year-old Ed Sheeran was born in Halifax but raised in Framlingham in Suffolk. He is a product of multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain. He loves traditional British pop music but he also appreciates black music genres such as hip hop and grime. In fact, as an accomplished rapper, his songs often featuring his trademark sing-speak style.

Warner Brothers recently decided to revitalise the Asylum imprint and Ed is signed to that label. One of the tracks – ‘Tenerife Sea’ – actually reminds me of The Eagles or Jackson Browne; how interesting that both acts were signed to Asylum Records back in the seventies.


Wisely, the album is a compilation of many styles from the last few decades. He’s merely cut his vein and let his influences flow.

Paul Simon

The Commodores

‘One’ reminds me of Paul Simon, ‘Don’t’ could be a Pharrell Williams track, ‘Runaway’ has the radio-friendly vibe of early Maroon 5, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ is classic Lionel Richie-period Commodores, ‘Photograph’ has a similar mood to Snow Patrol’s ‘Chasing Cars’ but, for me, the track that captures his style in a song is ‘Shirtsleeves’. It is virtually David Gray over the classic break from James Brown’s ‘Funky Drummer’. A mad collision of styles and eras!

Try it! You’ll like it!

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