Grr Vinyl Puritans & “First Mind” album by Nick Mulvey

Without question, some of the most boring people on this planet are The Vinyl Puritans.

These are the people that will tell you (until the cows come home … and the horses as well!) that vinyl sounds better than CD. Yes, mate, we know! We know, we know. We all know. Even deaf people know! We know! Vinyl sounds better than CD. You’ll get no argument from me. With vinyl, John Bonham’s bass drum thuds harder and Robbie Shakespeare’s bass guitar reverberates through your abdomen! Vinyl is better than CD. No question.

But when The Vinyl Puritan discovers that you no longer buy and collect vinyl, The Vinyl Puritan will do two things: a) try and make you feel that you are no longer ‘a real DJ’, and/or b) try to imply that you no longer have a real appreciation of music.

Vinyl forever

At this point, I not only want to separate The Vinyl Puritan from his vinyl, but also separate his head from his shoulders!

I don’t want to listen to my music on vinyl anymore. You might have tons of free time in which to luxuriate between your designer hi-fi components but I don’t. My time is precious. I grab my music where I can. Trust me: I too enjoy my music. My headphones are made by Sennheiser and everything sounds lovely through those beauties!

I listen to my music via my iTunes library, I listen to it on Spotify, I listen to home-burnt CDs and, when it comes to playing at clubs, parties, weddings etc., I’ll be damned if I’m going to lug two flight cases containing 100 pieces of vinyl, only to receive hundreds of requests that I can’t fulfil.

Not me, mate! I’d rather carry 10,000 songs in some CD wallets, so I can be flexible, whimsical, creative and, above all, obliging!

cd wallet

Of course I still have some vinyl! I’ve kept 12-inch singles of some of my favourite club tunes, tracks that yearn to be played loud and through huge, ugly speaker cabinets but I am NOT going to keep ANOTHER piece of vinyl that is the dull follow-up to a hit single, or the crap re-mix of the fourth single off a dull album.

I have pared down my collection to the things I love and the things I need. I do not have the alternative penis extension: endless, long shelves of vinyl records.

If you don’t know how iTunes or Spotify (or the like) work, get someone to teach you. It’s very simple. Once you plug it into some Bose device, you’re laughing! Everything sounds amazing through the Bose speakers!

Rant over! That feels better! Now, let’s talk about some new music.

Nick Mulvey cover

Today, I want to draw your attention to ‘First Mind’, the debut album by Nick Mulvey.

The object of this exercise is to throw some older acts out there and suggest to you that, if you like these heritage acts, you may like Nick Mulvey’s album.

So, imagine if you can, something that is a fusion of Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon and John Martyn, but something with tinges of Salif Keita and Youssou N’Dour. Add to that this element: if Liam Gallagher ever made an acoustic album, it might sound like this?

Liam spawn

And, I suppose, if you appreciate British folk icons such as Richard Thompson and Martin Carthy, you may enjoy this album too?

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LISTEN & BUY – Nick Mulvey – First Mind album on iTunes HERE

In the last few years, there’s been a pleasing return to jangly music and it’s great to see a band like Mumford & Sons strumming their guitars like a latter-day Lindisfarne. In a similar vein to Nick Mulvey, you may already be aware of young minstrels such as Jake Bugg and Tom Odell, excellent singer- songwriters who could actually pick up a guitar or sit behind a piano and entertain you with their songs (shocking though that may seem!)

I have created for your listening pleasure a playlist to encompass the acts I have mentioned above, just press play below!

Until, next time.

Lindsay Wesker, May 2014

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