Royal Blood – a little bit like Led Zeppelin?

‘Royal Blood’ by Royal Blood

If you’re a Led Zeppelin fan and you’re wondering if there’s a new album by a new band to buy, you might enjoy the debut album by a duo originally formed in the Sussex town of Worthing in 2013.

Royal Blood cover

Their rise has been meteoric. Their debut album entered the chart at No.1. Lovers of the riff have embraced this act with open arms. Zepp fans may like this album NOT because it sounds like Led Zeppelin. Nobody does and nobody ever will. There’s not even a track on here reminiscent of anything by Led Zeppelin! This merely has the mood and spirit of a band like Zeppelin and, of course, it has the riffs! Those nasty, killer hooks that make kids want to pick up an electric guitar and annoy their parents!

Led Zep

Royal Blood sound like a small band. There are not a lot of instruments on here – Royal Blood are actually just a bass player and a drummer – so every sound gets the chance to breathe, every part expands and amplifies. There are no complex arrangements and/or multiple solos. These songs are as stripped-down and raw as it gets. ‘Out Of The Black’ reminds me of that brilliant Soundgarden/Rage Against The Machine supergroup Audioslave. ‘Come On Over’ recalls the twisted genius of Nirvana. ‘You Can Be So Cruel’ has the manic energy of something by Queens Of The Stoneage. While ‘Careless’ is clearly homage to another great duo, The White Stripes. Royal Blood don’t sound like Deep Purple or Uriah Heap, they sound more like Muse or Foals but, like both of those current acts, they capture the spirit of great blues-driven rock acts like Free and Thin Lizzy.


As Royal Blood were formed in 2013, they have a very modern sound, and there is even some funk and finger-clicking on ‘Loose Change’, but what probably appeals to people more than anything else (in this pop music world full of formulas, auto-tune and clichéd rappers) is the fact that this is real. When you see Royal Blood live, the set will sound like the album.

It’s real simple but very effective … and bloody regal!

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