Transformers Age of Extinction review

TRANSFORMERS Age of Extinction

Director Michael Bay

Starring Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci and Kelsey Grammer

Certificate – PG13

The purpose of reviewing movies for Nonbeige is to give you a good idea of what could be required viewing for a mature audience or a fun experience to take the grandkids to. This movie comes with an extra special added bonus – a fantastic opportunity to get some shut eye.

Transformers (robots in disguise) are a phenomenally successful range of toys. In fairness to them it is a brilliant concept. What little boy can resist playing with robots of varying sizes that can be simply manipulated to become cars, trucks, helicopters, planes etc. They have been around for years and I remember only too well how much my own son enjoyed playing with them as a little boy and he is now 35.

The original toy range was supported by an equally successful cartoon series which was required viewing for kids “back in the day”.

Transformer toy

In 2007 the “suits” at Hasbro Toys and Paramount Pictures decided it was time for a Transformer movie. With the massive leap in CGI and the popularity of 3D what better way to revamp the brand and create massive revenues. They were right.

The first movie spawned two sequels that have so far generated over $3 billion and Lord knows how many toy sales.

 Shia Le Beouf, star of the first three decided not to make any more and has subsequently suffered a high-profile public meltdown.

Time for a reboot, so this Transformers has a new lead in the shape of Mark Wahlberg who plays a down at heel inventor of robotics, facing eviction and convinced that his next invention is going to be a “game changer”.

Mark Wahlberg

He buys a broken down truck in a liquidation sale. Suffice to say the “truck” turns out to be Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots. What ensues is pretty much the same as the last three movies.

The Decepticons, (the baddies) are all out to destroy Earth and the Autobots, (the goodies) and lots and lots and lots of battles take place.


In a ten minute segment we see beautifully realised dinosaurs enjoying their Jurassic life style doing whatever it is that dinosaurs did before they are rudely interrupted by alien space ships that proceed to obliterate the earth and in one fell swoop create the Iron age and consequently the Dinobots – if you don’t know …don’t ask. Borrow a ten year old.

The special effects are spectacular, the 3D at times is jaw dropping but it is way too long.

Optimus Prime - Transformers Age of Extinction

The plot, if you can call it that, is almost impenetrable. The acting is about as average as acting needs to be when you are probably working against nothing but a big green screen and when I looked at my watch at approximately 90 minutes I was dismayed to find there was another 75 minutes to go. If the film was shorter I might have been more forgiving but at 2hours 45minutes my generosity was somewhat depleted.

Don’t get me wrong if you have to treat a youngster between the ages of 5 and 14 you will probably gain “brownie” points by the boatload and more importantly if you get a nice comfy seat you can have a really satisfying afternoon nap.

Rating 5 – 14 yrs. old – 3.5 stars

Rating Adult – 2 stars

Rating Afternoon Nap – 5 stars

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