Like many men (and women), Giles has a proclivity for pornography. But unlike most men, Giles isn’t referencing various pornographic search engines with “Big Boobs”, “Lesbian Action” or “Threesomes”. Instead Giles is looking for something a little different. Something considered …

Barefoot Doctor

As the author of 17 best selling books, columns in the national press and appearances in all media internationally Barefoot Doctor is the go to “guru” for emotional, spiritual and physical well being……and his style will make you smile.

Angie Best

Anti aging with Angie Best

At over 60 Angie has truly defied the ageing process. As a respected author and celebrity in her own right she has been a guiding light to the rich and famous. She will be sharing her knowledge and techniques to help you stay in the best possible shape inside and out.