5:2 Diet Update

Back in September I started the 5-2 diet. The target, whilst a tad ambitious, to lose 3 stone by Xmas. Did I do it – nope, not even close.

I have managed to shift approximately 16 pounds, which is very pleasing but a long way from my goal. So, is it the diet or is it me? To be perfectly honest I’m not really sure but I do have a theory. The thing is, irrespective of my size, I have always followed a fairly healthy diet. No processed food, rarely frying anything. I can live without desserts but will often have berries or soft fruit. My preference is for savoury as opposed to sweet so cakes, biscuits and chocolate have never been an issue of temptation.

My big downfall is alcohol. I enjoy a drink in the evening. Whether it’s a few Bloody Marys or red wine, that’s my poison! I would just like to add at this juncture…I am not an alcoholic. It’s a pleasure not an addiction. I have stuck to the diet regime religiously. On the fast days I have stuck to no more than 600 calories and certainly no booze.

bloody mary

For the first 6 weeks the weight was definitely dropping off but I think I lulled myself into a false sense of security. Meaning that on the regular days I kinda used the diet as a “get outta jail free” card and indulged myself in eating treat foods a little more regularly that I would normally do. The other issue is that I don’t have an exercise regime. I have sciatica and I’m the first to admit that I use it as an excuse. This has got to change.


So, the game plan is as follows.

No doubt I shall slip off the “wagon” over the festive season but I will continue with the 5-2. For a start it’s like having a couple of days of detox every week but more importantly I think that if I don’t use the “off” days as an excuse to overdo it and if I start a gentle but regular programme of exercise the weight will go.

Of course, I will update you in the New Year but for now, dear reader let me wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season. Cheers!