Angie Best

Anti aging with Angie Best

Healthy living, anti aging, longevity, words that don’t make much sense to us girls when the reality is we are feeling “slightly worn out”. We don’t spend enough time looking after ourselves, we put husbands, the kids, the job, the house and the dog first! We straggle along behind trying desperately to keep up but finding it hard!

Right about now, comes what our mother’s called “Middle Age Spread”, along with bags under the eyes, diets that don’t work, saggy skin, too tired to exercise, can’t drink more than half a glass without feeling bloated, that’s our reality!  Who has time to keep up with all the latest anti-aging products and diet fads?!  That’s where I come in. Having spent the last forty years keeping Hollywood’s women fit and healthy I have matured my instinct and knowledge as to how the human body works, especially womens.  To have survived in the health and fitness industry for as long as I have you must be good.

Angie Best

My job was to keep the R and Fs (Rich and Famous) fit and healthy and if I didn’t do it there was always someone behind me ready to take over.

Now I’m back in England I’d like to share everything I’ve learnt to help all my over 50 girl friends stay as alert, slim, flexible and healthy as any 40 year old because 50 is the new 40, just as 60 is the new 50.

I know how to make it really easy to not end up looking like your grandmother.  We’re going to age but at least now we have a chance to control it.

We are still determined to elongate careers and youthful looks as long as possible.  We can get excited to feel better and look better, spend days doing what we love without feeling tired, emotionally spent or depressed.

Science tells us that aging and its negative symptoms as we know them are simply a lack of the right nutrients and hormones in the body!  So that said, if we keep our levels up we can age and not have the debilitating, depressing afflictions that go with that swear word “aging”!

If you’re not afraid to make a conscious choice to go against the aging process and fight what Deepak Chopra calls “Conditioned Aging” then let’s make things happen.  We want to live to be a hundred or more, upright, pain free, flexible, comfortable in our skin, able to remember where we’re going, why we’re going there and going there in a good mood.

Thankfully more and more of us are becoming health conscious and aware.  We have over 40 years to observe what a poor diet and excessive lifestyle can do.  We thought we were bullet proof in the 80s, we calmed down in the 90s and together, because we are a powerful force, we will rock into our 60s smiling because we know the anti-aging secret which I will share with you in each edition of the Nonbeige online magazine.