So who is The Fat Controller and what the ‘devil’ is #beigedeadfood?

My name is Jill otherwise known as The Fat Controller and as a lover of all things non beige I am super excited to be introducing myself to the ‘nonbeige’ family!

I came across ‘nonbeige’ completely by chance on Twitter. I spotted their rave review of my favourite London restaurant Whyte and Brown and the words ‘Non Beige’ sung out to me. For the last ten years or so I have waging a war on #beigedeadfood and teaching a fat controlling way of life. Fat controlling is much more than a diet. It’s a lifestyle that is definitely NOT beige!

“People seem more concerned with the rising cost of living and eating a ‘healthy’ lifestyle yet are less concerned about the cheapness of beige dead food and their resulting poor health! What is that all about?  My mission? To shake people awake from looking and feeling beige to living a life full of colour” – Jill – The Fat Controller

OK let’s go back a few years (yes OK MANY years) and I will do my best to paint a succinct picture of my former ‘beige’ life. Back in my early teens I was on a diet ALL the time. If I had put as much effort into my studies as I did into avoiding fattening and high calorie foods I would have been a child genius. Sadly I was more concerned with avoiding physical exercise and living on air to achieve that elusive svelte figure! The result of these efforts was a very poor relationship with food and my body getting fatter with each passing year.


As I lost the battle against the bulge time and time again I became depressed and unhappy. It seemed the more I tried to diet, the more I wanted to eat. I would focus on how few calories I could eat in each meal regardless of what the food was. As a result my diet largely consisted of beige, plain, dry bread, crackers, black coffee, bagels and low calorie diet foods and drinks. I had no clue how to nourish or love my body at all!

Following all the standard dietary advice – eat less calories, I firmly believed that if I ate as little as I could the weight would evaporate away and stay away! Like most serial dieters I was trying to punish myself thin.

“If it’s beige and dead? Knock it on the head!” says The Fat Controller!

As a result of these fruitless efforts I spent my whole youth yo-yo dieting. Each time it got harder. Each time I got more depressed. Each time I felt more beige! But after many tears and much frustration…. fast forward a few years and I became a warrior of real food! I had learned the hard way, but through my battles I learned so much that I wanted to share. I became so passionate about this mission I switched careers and became a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Enter The Fat Controller!

So what is #beigedeadfood exactly?


I penned the term #beigedeadfood when I finally made the correlation between health and poor food. The alarming and detrimental effects of processed, denatured foods that modern man had become so accustomed to eating was becoming clear as I worked with clients from all walks of life.

What was once perceived as an occasional indulgence was slowly become daily fodder. Traditional baking and farming methods being lost in favour of profit. It had become acceptable to eat beige for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were brain washed. All our food was BEIGE!


#beigedeadfood is food that has become unrecognisable. It has been modified, dried, homogenised, hydrolized, fried, re-fried, coated, freeze-dried, modified…. the list goes on. Once the food industry has got its hands on a natural food it is turned into the Frankenstein equivalent! 

The result? A beige body that slowly becomes malnourished as this alien food hijacks our hormones and chemistry. Setting us on a path towards obesity, inflammation and many other lifestyle diseases.


I am so passionate about sharing the pleasures and benefits of returning to natural foods and I can’t wait to share all that I have learnt so far. So many simple recipes and ideas that will allow anyone to very easily avoid the #beigedeadfood and enjoy a much happier and healthier life!

Just to get you started

Simple breakfast swap 1:

Dippy Eggs – Soft boil two free-range eggs and serve with steamed asparagus spears to use in place of soldiers.

Wash down with a nice warming cup of green tea or organic coffee and you will be bouncing off the walls all morning till lunch time.

Simple breakfast swap 2:

Instead of a beige cereal and toast carb fest with a sugar filled glass of orange juice you could try this energising and fat controlling feast instead. 

Take a slice of rye or spelt bread for example and toast. Add a protein punch such as a poached egg or piece of mackerel on a bed of spinach or watercress. For more fibre and flavour add some warmed plum tomatoes or mushrooms.. 

Wash down with a nice warming cup of green tea or organic coffee and you will be bouncing off the walls all morning till lunch time.

You can finish both of the above with half a lovely fresh grapefruit or an juicy fresh whole orange.

Simple Exercise tip:

One of the first things to go as we age is balance! This is the number one reason why the elderly are so susceptible to falls. My top tip is to practice your balance every morning and night while you brush your teeth! Spend one minute on each foot. When you get better at it try closing your eyes at the same time! You could even throw in some practice at the kitchen sink or in a shop queue! You might get some strange looks but your future self will thank you for it!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller