Scrapheap…be damned

Life was sweet. I had a job I enjoyed, a healthy paycheque, all the perks and a lovely home. Health was ok and an attractive girlfriend. What more could I want?

The first week back from Xmas 2013 I was sat in my office wallowing in the fact there was bugger all to do when the M.D and the Financial Director walked into my office. The conversation went something like this:-

“As you know it is a very difficult economic climate out there. Profits are down and it is with great regret we are going to have to make one or two redundancies. Unfortunately you are one of three people that we have got to consider.”


To be honest I wasn’t that fussed at first. I had created most of the profits, I had been instrumental in growing the business, surely I was way too valuable to let go….WRONG!

Last in first out was the reason given. I fought with the threat of a tribunal and did a settlement out of court. A good few quid was handed over but nowhere near enough to live the “life of Riley” on an exotic island for the rest of my days.

Ah well! I might have been 62 years young but with a great CV, years of experience and a sparkling personality I was bound to get snapped up really quickly…..WRONG!

I did all the right things. Updated my LinkedIn profile, let all my contacts know I was available, offered my services to my previous competitors and signed up with a stack of agencies that assured me they could find me something suited to my “skill set”.

It soon became apparent that the next big job offer was not gonna happen any time soon.

Investments and retirement planning

Apart from a dwindling bank balance the one thing I did have was plenty of time on my hands.  This would be an ideal opportunity to come up with the next great idea. The days turned into weeks, weeks into months and still no light bulb flashing above my head.

The frustration was getting to me. Had my previously active brain cells deserted me? Was I destined to watch Countdown forever? Should I take up knitting?

“I know”, I thought “I’ll go online there’s bound to be loads of ideas for the over 50’s on there”…..WRONG!

All I could find, whether it be entertainment, employment ideas or lifestyle information, was dry. Oh so dry and oh so beige.

There was nothing that appealed to me. Everything seemed geared to either accepting retirement as an inevitable option or planning the next cruise with a bunch of folks that weirdly looked like they could be MY parents. This, chronologically, would make them very very old indeed.

Yes I’m in my sixties, I’m not delusional but I’m still relishing life and all it has to offer. None of the things I found would appeal to me or, come to that, any of the people I know that are within ten years younger or older.

I still love music, I enjoy fashionable clothes, I’m culturally savvy, I wallow in technology, I go out to eat, I go to gigs and shhhhhhh….I still have sex. With all this rumbling round my brain it happened. Suddenly, as if by magic there it was. The “eureka” moment.

If nothing I found would appeal to me or anybody I knew there was surely an opportunity to embrace.

I thought about a writing a blog. Just random topics that, hopefully, would appeal to my target audience. However, me being me didn’t want to just blurt it out and stick it out there. I wanted it looking the “nuts”. I wanted photos, cool design and promotion.

As luck would have it my son has a successful web design and internet marketing business. And we all know if we can’t take advantage of our kids who can we take advantage of?

We sat in his office, shooting the breeze, throwing out ideas, looking at fonts and colour ways and discussing the subjects I would approach and then again as if by divine intervention…..eureka version 1:1. Why not create a fully fledged online magazine?

Fortunately, we both have an impressive list of contacts in various fields of endeavour. From fitness to fashion and from media to travel. Most importantly, nearly everyone we could think of is of the appropriate age group.

And so dear reader from the depths of frustration and the spark of opportunity we created the very publication you are now reading. I have for the first time, at the age of 63, become an internet publisher.

Sky diving grandad

Now it’s your turn. NonBeige wants to hear from you if you are doing anything for the first time after 50 yrs old/young. It could be your first tattoo, your first marriage. Climbing Kilimanjaro or sky diving. As long as it’s something not normally associated with your age group let’s celebrate it, let’s share it and let the world know you’ll never be beige.

You can choose a social network of your choice or contact us by email on – Look forward to hearing from you!