V G Walker

This is Veronica Gail Walker ex teacher and now author. Like many people I knew what I wanted to do ‘when I grew up’.. I wanted to write.

But life took over, as it does, and I found myself working for the Post Office in the staffing and accounts depts. and with two children.

Later, after divorce, I took a B.Ed. In Environmental Studies at Nottingham’s Trent University and qualified at the age of 42 – working in Derby City and Derby County schools and threw myself into it all. This was a career I loved.

Whilst with the Post Office I began writing poetry for the staff’s special occasions and odd times for unhappy customers and this led to my writing more and getting poetry published. This continued, as I taught, with short stories, poetry and Eco Songs for the pupils and on taking retirement I, at last, thought I might get the time to write.

Now, two years on, I have 8 stories on Amazon and kindle and several more in the pipeline. These are aimed at Key Stage 2 and above and are also enjoyed by adults.

The books are of an achievable length, with short chapters and continuity from one book to another. The characters develop throughout and the stories have an ‘ out of this world ‘ setting with a fun element. Within the stories new words are introduced through inference and are used to ‘develop’ young readers vocabulary. They might be a good way to develop the interest of ‘reluctant’ readers or of giving them something to occupy minds through the long Summer holidays.


The series is called The Adventures Of Charley Cooper and the first story is entitled Charley Cooper’s Time Out.

Although there are several more waiting to publish,I am also working on a second World -A-Way series, the first of which will be published shortly. I just love writing!

So I am, eventually living my dream. Not only this, I’m my own boss and can write just when the feeling takes me, that means quite a lot!

We can change direction and career. We can do what we’ve always wanted to do and enjoy being mature, but inventive, as, if you’re like me, you’re still eighteen inside!

So what have you always wanted to do? What would you really be happy doing now? If you’ve though about a change, why not go for it? You might yet achieve the ambition that you have held inside, like me, whatever it is. It’s a great feeling.

Veronica ‘Gail’ Walker. (writing under V G Walker)

Check out “Charley Cooper’s Time Out” on Amazon HERE.